Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod

Many of the names mentioned on this site are well-known in the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. In the early days LCMS families tended to marry other LCMS families, as becomes evident when one pores through the various family trees.

The beginnings of the LCMS trace back to the so-called “Saxon Emigration”. Leaders of this group included C.F.W. WaltherG.H. LöberTheodor Brohm and E.G.W. Keyl (married to Walther’s sister).

There are further ties through family and marriage, some closer some more remote, between the families of the four of the first presidents of the LCMS: C.F.W. WaltherF.C.D. WynekenH.C. SchwanF. Pfotenhauer.

Other names appear as seminary professors, educators, pastors and laymen: Victor Bartling, various BrohmsJacob Buehler, August Crämer (father-in-law of Sophie née Wyneken), Theodore GraebnerCarl Krekeler Jr. (professor at Valparaiso University, listed under “Children”), O.P. KretzmannGottlieb Schaller, to name a few.

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