Issue 1, January 1998

Rüstje sign & Ulla

Ulla Wyneken at Rüstje

In January of 1998 I wrote a “Wyneken Family Newsletter” containing a summary, on a mere 20 pages, of my results up to that time.

I am offering copies for download on this page. In order to read it you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don’t already have this program it can be downloaded for free from the Adobe Web site.


  • newsletter.pdf is quite large, about 2.5 MB. If you want to decrease download time click on one of the following links instead, depending on the kind of computer you’re using and the software available. The compressed versions are about 1.6 MB each.
  • – Windows PC with the PKZIP program, or equivalent, to unpack the file.
  • newsletter.exe – Windows PC without PKZIP, just execute this file and it will unpack itself.
  • newsletter.pdf.sea.hqx – Macintosh BINHEX file that decodes into a self-extracting archive. If this file isn’t expanded automatically after being downloaded get Stuffit Expander and drop the file on the Stuffit Expander icon.
  • newsletter.pdf.gz – Unix/Linux, gzip format


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