History of the Biltz house in Mittelfrohna

In the last two postings I talked about a house in the village Mittelfrohna in Saxony that was associated with my ancestor Franz Julius Biltz. I also mentioned the property records for the house that I was able to locate recently.

Franz Julius was not the only Biltz that these property records mention, they also make reference to other close relatives of his. As a matter of fact, the records show that the house belonged to the family for quite a while in the 19th century.

In addition, the first picture of the house that I obtained many years ago states that the house was originally built by a Biltz in 1784/1785. Presumably that was Franz Julius’ grandfather Gottlob Friedrich (1750-1820).

The records don’t explicitly say that Franz Julius’ father, Christian Friedrich (1784-1827), owned or lived in the house, but I believe that this must have been the case because Franz Julius wouldn’t have had any inheritance rights to it otherwise. Furthermore, the earliest entry in the records reports that the daughter of Christian Friedrich’s second wife sold the house to Christian Friedrich’s oldest son, Christian Friedrich Wilhelm (1812-1848). Presumably the daughter inherited the house from her mother when the mother died. The mother in turn would have inherited it from her husband when he died. This is another indication that the house was once Christian Friedrich’s property.

Relationship of the people mentioned in this post. (Click to enlarge)

The rest of this page lists dates of deaths of the owners and dates of transactions recorded in the property records. The property records are part of Bestand 30104, Amtsgericht Chemnitz, Nr. 5890, Folio 27 in the Staatsarchiv Chemnitz.

And finally, the illustration at the right depicts how all the people mentioned below were related to each other. The numbers in parentheses in the text below – for example “(4)” – refer to the numbers in front of the person’s name in this illustration.

10 Oct 1827

Christian Friedrich Biltz (1) dies.

14 Jul 1837

Johanne Sophie Biltz nee Ebert (2) dies.

25 Sep 1838

Caroline Louise Völker (3) sells the house to Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Biltz (4) for a little over 335 Thalers. I believe the house must have belonged to Christian Friedrich Wilhelm’s father, Christian Friedrich (1), and presumably Christian Friedrich’s second wife, Sophie Ebert (2), inherited it when he died. It seems that Louise (3), as Sophie’s oldest child, then inherited it from her mother. That might have been a bit irregular because it completely ignored Christian Friedrich’s (i.e. the original owner’s) two sons Christian Friedrich Wilhelm (4) and Franz Julius (5).

Louise Völker (3) and her half brother Franz Julius (5) emigrated to the US less than a month after this sale, so presumably Louise needed the money from the sale of the house for her emigration. It’s possible/probable that Christian Friedrich Wilhelm (4) knew Louise was planning to leave the country, but it seems that she didn’t tell him she was going to take Franz Julius with her because Christian Friedrich Wilhelm put an ad in the Chemnitz newspaper about his run-away half brother and ward.

19 Jan 1847

An entry in the record book that 300 Thaler plus 4% interest is owed to Franz Julius Biltz (5), who is attending the seminary in St. Louis, Missouri.

21 Nov 1848

Christian Friedrich Wilhelm (4) dies.

5 Mar 1849

Christian Friedrich Wilhelm’s (4) widow, Hanna Theresia nee Engelmann (6) buys her husband’s property from his estate.

Christian and Hanna’s three daughters, Rosalie Emilie (7), Amalia Augusta (8) and Anna Bertha (9), all not yet of age, agree to this sale to their mother.

The opposing page has an entry that the three sisters Rosalie, Amalia and Anna have a right valued at 300 Thaler plus 4% to purchase the property (“Kaufrecht”).

The three sisters are also granted “Herberge” (the right to reside in the house) until they marry.

27 Sep 1849

The 300 Thaler from 5 Mar 1849 are transferred to Anna Bertha (9) alone.

20 Nov 1849

Hanna nee Engelmann (6) marries her first husband’s cousin, (10) Carl Wilhelm Biltz.

26 May 1853

Franz Julius Biltz (5), by way of his lawyer in Chemnitz, acknowledges receipt of the 300 Thalers that was owed him according to the debt from 19 Jan 1847.

9 Jan 1860

Anna Bertha Schneider nee Biltz (9) acknowledges receipt of what is owed to her from 5 Mar 1849. Presumably because she married?

12 Mar 1876

The “Herberge” (right to reside in the house) is cancelled.

12 Mar 1877

A loan for 1800 marks (presumably using the house as collateral) by some entity in Burgstädt.

24 Dec 1879

Hanna Theresia Biltz nee Engelmann (6) dies

23 Jun 1880

Minna Flora Bauer nee Biltz (11) inherits the property as specified in her mother’s will. She is the daughter of Carl Wilhelm (10) and Hanna Theresia (6).

The loan from 12 Mar 1877 is paid off.

19 Aug 1880

A loan for 3300 marks (presumably using the house as collateral) by Gottlob Friedrich Klitzsch.

4 Jan 1881

Carl Wilhelm Biltz (10) dies.

25 Aug 1883

Due to somebody dying (presumably Anna Bertha) the right to sell (“Verkaufsrecht”) as specified on 5 Mar 1849 is cancelled.

5 Sep 1883

Minna Flora Bauer nee Biltz (11) sells the property to Christian Friedrich Ebert.


The property is put up for auction and finally purchased by Anne Marie Wilhelmine Ölbrich nee Zwicker from Berlin

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