Ordering the updated tree and prices

The last complete family tree of the Wyneken family was compiled around 1877 / 1878. Lots has changed since then in the various branches of the family in Germany, the US, Spain, Chile, England and Russia. I have finished the work on an updated version and I already have orders for eight copies. Now I am looking for other family members who are interested in purchasing a copy for themselves.

Because the family and its history has become so large, I have had to split it up into three charts:

  • beginnings and overview – ca. 32” x 12”
  • Bederkesa branch (Germany, Russia, US) – ca. 32” x 240”
  • Rüstje branch (US, England, Germany, Spain, Chile) – ca. 40” x 110”

Previews are available in a previous post in this blog.

!!! But please check this warning in my blog about not being able to include all descendants.

The trees can be ordered in three grades of coated paper:

  • value (equivalent to good quality copier paper)
  • standard heavyweight (recommended as default)
  • super heavyweight (approaches the feel of card stock)

The quality of paper and ink means that they should remain good for many years and decades.

The following prices hold if ten or more people order a set, and with eight orders already I’m thinking this will be what we’re looking at:

  • value quality paper: $111.75
  • standard heavyweight paper: $150.86
  • super heavyweight paper: $195.56

The cost of postage and handling will also need to be added.

I propose that I add a set of trees in super heavyweight quality to the total order I send to the printer. This set would be sent to myself as payment for the time and work necessary to design the charts and have them printed. The cost would be distributed evenly among all the other orders. That means the more people that order a set, the less each person pays for my payment set.

This set of trees reflects your family history and shows how you fit in, both with other Wynekens alive right now as well as throughout the centuries. On request I would be willing to create a small chart for anyone who needs to know how he or she fits in to the overall picture.

Please let me know by e-mail – mawyn@gmx.de – by February 15 if you would like to order a set of these trees.

Before I send the order to the printer I will send you the final price and let you know how to transfer the money to me.

Also please pass on this information to as many Wyneken relatives of yours that you can think of. I would like these trees to be distributed as far as possible throughout the family so that if and when somebody decides to make the next updated version of the tree in 140 years or so he or she can easily find a copy of what I am producing now.

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