Last tree complete

I have completed the third and final tree of the new set of trees that show all the Wynekens that have ever existed, at least as far as I’m aware of. A full-sized version of the above tree is available here.

As I’ve mentioned before, the idea is to provide a complete update to the Wyneken family tree published and distributed in about 1877. The tree I’ve just finished shows how everything started by listing the earliest known Wynekens as well as the families of the wives of two of them. The time frame for the earliest generations and their wives’ families is about 200 years, ranging from the early 1500’s through the end of the 1600’s / very beginning of the 1700’s.

I have also included in this chart an overview of how the family developed further by sketching in the two major branches of the Wyneken family, the Bederkesa branch and the Rüstje branch, in two different colors. These are the two branches covered in detail in the other two trees.

At the bottom of this final chart you find the founding fathers of all the branches of the Wyneken family that are in existence today. This chart only shows the direct lines from the beginnings to the founders; complete listings can be found in the other two trees. You can see miniature versions of the other two trees at the bottom of this page.

I believe I’m very close to completing this whole project, but I can imagine it will still be a few months before the printed trees have reached their final owners. Up to now progress in this project has depended solely on myself and on how I can schedule my time. The next steps depend also on other people:

  • Find alternative possibilities for printing the trees.
  • Negotiate special rates with the printer because of the size of the final products and, hopefully, because there will be a large number of orders.
  • Reach as many Wyneken relatives as possible who might be interested in obtaining copies of the trees.
  • Gather the orders and collect the payments.
  • Place the print order.
  • Organize distribution to various people and presumably to different countries.

I’d be pleased to hear from anyone who thinks they can help in any way with any of these steps.

The big trees – Rüstje branch on the left, Bederkesa Branch on the right:

Rüstje Bederkesa

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