Birth record for FCD Wyneken’s mother

Continuing my processing of the material I recently received from Benjamin Phelps, today I worked on the birth and baptism record for Anna Catharina Louise Meyer, who was later to become the mother of Carl, Gustav and FCD Wyneken. The entry reads:

des H Cornetts Hinrich Christian Meyer und seiner Ehefrau Maria Elisabeth geb. Sa[xxx]ow Töchterl:
Anna Catharina Louise
Anna Catharine Meyern zu Barnstorff,
Frau Pastorin Anna Catharina Schwarze zu Verden

This translates as:

Daughter of Herr Kornett Heinrich Christian Meyer and his wife Maria Elisabeth nee Sa[xxx]ow:
Anna Catharina Louise
Anna Catharine Meyer from Barnstorf
Mrs. Pastor Anna Catharina Schwarze from Verden

Heinrich Christian served in the cavalry and this seems to be early on in his military career because “Kornett” is the lowest ranking officer in the cavalry.

This entry is highly interesting to me for two reasons.

First, the year given is definitely 1772. My previous information was that she was born in 1773. It seems that the complete tree from the end of the 19th century listed 1772 and others just copied from that. Maybe it was just a reading erro? I’ve corrected that in my database.

Unfortunately the numbers in the dates are smudged a bit so it’s hard to say exactly which date in December she was born and baptised.

Second, the mother’s maiden name is given! The horrible news is that there’s a smudge in the middle of the name so I can’t figure out exactly what it was. AAAAAARGH!!!

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