A Wyneken “hair picture”

The other day I received an interesting picture from our distant relative, Mary Ann Wood née Schaller. She described it to me as follows:

This was a popular way of showing off your family in Victorian times. The cross in the middle is FCD Wyneken and the bible is his wife Sophie Wyneken née Buuck. The wreath is made from the hair of the thirteen children. It is oval in a rectangular frame. It is a family treasure. It needs restoration but I am not sure where to find that type of expert.

I looked in the Internet for “hair picture” and found this explanation: http://www.victoriangothic.org/the-lost-art-of-sentimental-hairwork/

2 thoughts on “A Wyneken “hair picture”

  1. Karl H. Wyneken

    My grandfather, the Rev. Karl E. A. Wyneken had a little cross that had been made from the hair of Friedrich Conrad Dietrich Wyneken. FCD was my grandpa’s great-uncle, my g-g-g-uncle.

    My memory, from the one time I saw this relic in the 1950s, is that it was about 1.5 ” tall, the cross piece maybe 1″ across, the thickness of the upright and cross pieces around +/- 3/16 “.

    Grandpa–or the family after he died?–donated it to the Concordia Historical Institute in St. Louis.

    Karl Wyneken
    (Right-most in the photo of the 2014 “mini-reunion” in Freiburg which Matthew included in the blog)
    Fresno, CA

  2. Donald Wood

    I wouldn’t call my self as a distant relative. But all the rest gives the picture more provenance. FCD Wyneken is my great grandfather.Thank you for being there for me to relate to because my elders are all gone and I need someone knowledgeable about the family to share these beautiful family relics. Mary Ann


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