It’s been a very, very long time since the last time I posted!!!

I’m sorry for the inactivity on the Wyneken Genealogy web site. I assure you that I haven’t been inactive during that time, it’s just that I haven’t found the time to update the web site. One is due very soon, though.

The reason I am posting on this blog now, however, is to share a very interesting piece of information that I just discovered:

FCD Wyneken oldest sons were the twins, Henry and Martin. Up to now I had always believed that Henry was the older of the two, primarily because I had often seen his name listed first when the two twins were mentioned. I was recently looking through the on-line information at Concordia Historical Institute when I noticed that their biographical summary for Henry claims that he was the second of the two. I wrote the interim director to ask about the sources for this information. He wrote back very kindly and cited an obituary for Henry in Der Lutheranerwritten by C.C. Schmidt, a brother-in-law of Henry’s, that stated that Henry was the younger of the two twins.

Since the brother-in-law had direct and contemporary access to the family information, it seems that this information must be believed until trustworthy information to the contrary is discovered.

This information has been added into my master file and will appear on the web site the next time it is updated.

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